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Looking for true peace of mind and a happy, safe, entertaining atmosphere for your pet while you’re away? With delightful and spacious private rooms for our guests, it’s no wonder why “joy happens” here. Our private rooms have an abundance of natural daylight, cozy elevated beds, air conditioning, calming colors, and relaxing music - a perfect mixture of comfort and tranquil ambiance. The secluded location in the City Center with lots of grass at our building is highly enjoyed by our guests on their multiple daily walks.

Being conjoined with our Medical Center, you can relax knowing that upon arrival your pet will immediately be under the direct and continuous supervision of our veterinary team. Be assured that should any health issue arise, it will be immediately addressed, and you will be kept current while you’re away.

Pack play in our indoor Daycare park is included for well socialized pets and individual activities are provided as well. Customize your pet’s stay even more by choosing from all the services available at PetPoint such as Salon, Spa, Training, Natural Fresh Nutrition, Medical, and Holistic Care.

Our exclusive VIP suites, “The Waves”, are the ultimate in luxury pampering. From fresh gourmet options prepared on-site, daily massages, individual attention time, to the reading of a nighttime story, this experience will make your pet’s time away from home truly memorable. VIP suites are equipped with live stream online viewing.

Cleanliness is top priority at our Resort and we take pride in having a spotless and odor free environment, achieved with the latest in sophisticated cleaning equipment, maximum flow of fresh air, and most importantly, a staff that is hygiene conscious.

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