Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws

Pet health insurance has become a highly competitive field, with many options available. Protect your pet with HealthyPaws and give your dog or cat the best medical care while protecting your bank account from unexpected, and expensive, veterinary bills.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

HealthyPaws is designed to cover unexpected accidents and illness, including emergencies, hereditary or congenital conditions, cancer, and chronic conditions. X-rays, blood tests, ultrasound, surgery, hospitalization, prescription medications, emergency care, specialty care, and alternative treatments are covered services and products. Please refer to their website for exclusions (

HealthyPaws is the only pet insurance company that offers unlimited lifetime benefits with no claim limits and with an annual deductible. You can visit any licensed veterinarian and Healthy Paws will reimburse you based on the actual veterinary bill. The affordable plan starts as low as $15 for cats and $25 for dogs / per month. Most claims are reimbursed within 3-10 business days.