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Nutrition is the foundation of good health and therefore the most important component of the health care of your pet. The best diet for your pet is not unlike the best diet for you – it consists of a variety of whole foods, enhanced with vitamins and minerals, and enzymes and supplements.

Despite thousands of years of domestication, our animal companion’s digestive systems are virtually the same as their ancestors and intended to assimilate raw food most efficiently.

At PetPoint we are aware of the true nutritional needs of companion animals and are taking a proactive approach to nutrition by recommending the highest quality ingredients with carefully controlled preparation. A thoughtful nutrition plan will help in avoid serious illness caused by poor nutrition and feeding practices.

At PetPoint’s Bistro RawCoo, we offer a high-quality selection of commercial frozen raw, dehydrated, and freeze-dried food and essential supplements, as well as our own creation of fresh appetizers – daily baked Tapaws at our on-site gourmet kitchen. We also offer cooking classes to help you create delicious healthy meal plans for your companions.

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